Dad’s Pipe Dream

As the familiar aroma of neighborhood barbeques begins to fill the air, one thing is certain–Summer has just about begun! Family time spent outdoors, warm weather…hm, wasn’t there something else? Oh yes! Father’s Day on the 15th is quickly approaching! Still need to do some… Read More »Dad’s Pipe Dream

Cannabis and Yoga

For centuries, cannabis has been closely associated with spirituality and wellness across the globe. This herb was even mentioned in the ancient Vedic texts of India, indicating that it was being used by Rishis and Yogis at that time to gain deepened perceptions. It has… Read More »Cannabis and Yoga

Fifty Shades of Green

When most people think about smoking a joint, they rarely think about it being a precursor to sex. Marijuana typically makes the user relaxed, happy, and in straight-up chill mode. So why is it that others incessantly proclaim that pot is a sexually energizing aphrodisiac… Read More »Fifty Shades of Green

Multi-faceted Marijuana

Multi-faceted Marijuana Imagine strolling down the block, meeting up with friends and chatting over a scrumptious, organic edible in a quaint coffee shop. Or how about indulging in a freshly rolled joint after a day of treacherous mountain-biking. Heading out to an upscale venue, and… Read More »Multi-faceted Marijuana