Differentiating your product from your competitors is a key in your brand’s success.The cannabis industry has been deemed essential and now more than ever it is time to start positioning your brand. Cannabrand, a full-service marketing agency dedicated to the cannabis space is here to help your brand reach its fullest potential.

Our process begins with finding out who you are and what you align your business with. We want to know your values and mission;

Why did you choose this industry?
What makes your product or service unique?
How do you want to make an impact?

These simple questions create a profile that allows us to position your brand in the best way possible. After asking these questions, we begin to find the best ways possible to move forward. Our capabilities are endless and we will provide you with strategies that will set you apart from your competitors and achieve your goals.

We want to share with you the best practices for differentiating your brand:

64% of consumers report that shared values are the primary reason why they develop a relationship with a brand.
A brand is more than just a logo – it is a promise that evokes emotion.
Don’t Sell the Steak, Sell the Sizzle. The steak being your product and the rational reasons such as the price, while the sizzle are the emotions and energy surrounding your brand / product. We’re focused on creating the energy you envision for your brand to deliver to your target audience.
We’re positioning your brand to sell the “sizzle”, not the steak. We want you to be memorable to consumers by creating a lasting impression of your brand.
The brand recognition and feeling one may get when they recognize Coke vs. Pepsi, is the feeling we are mimicking when creating an impressionable brand that represents YOU!

Packaging Design
For today’s savvy consumers, a brand has about 7 seconds to make a first impression through packaging.
Cannabrand ensures that your packaging is in line with the overall vision of your product and brand.

79% of internet consumers will search for a competitor’s website if they find their initial experience with a site is a lackluster
Don’t risk losing potential customers because your website isn’t up to increasingly-sophisticated industry standards. Cannabrand ensures that all clients are up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology to meet industry standards.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
60% of search engine clicks engage the top website listing on the page.
There is perhaps no better way to develop brand awareness on both local and national levels than with proper SEO optimization.
We will assist your team in coming up with SEO worthy content that will engage your target audience while being able to track clicks and efficiency of such SEO.

PR Strategy – Picking the Right Industry Leaders
96% of B2B focused consumers desire content promoted by industry thought leaders
The right PR strategy can make all the difference in getting a business a mention or quote in an influential media source. Our large network of press and media in the industry will help your brand gain earned media and build your brand recognition.

Events – In-person Marketing
The impact of trade shows and industry networking events are 2nd only to a company’s website.
In novel marketplaces like the cannabis industry, face-to-face networking is an essential element in developing consumer trust and loyalty. These events allow customers to get to know your team, as well as your brand.
We ensure that our clients are aware and represented at all trade shows that would be beneficial to growing their brand and recognition. With the challenging times that COVID-19 has brought, most events have turned virtual. Staying involved during these times via virtual events can still bring brand awareness and education. There are many advantages to these events turning virtual as they are more accessible to businesses and consumers than ever before.

Digital Advertising

Potential customers who are re-engaged through targeted digital channels are 70% more likely to consider new business partnerships
The Digital Advertising space provides an in-depth and personal opportunity to send targeted messages directly to the consumer you are looking for.

Social Media Management

⅔ of all Americans use Social Media
The number of social media users continues to grow exponentially across all demographics. If you want to reach your potential customer base, you have to play the game.
At Cannabrand we can develop social media plans for your business, create social media campaigns, or manage your social media accounts. The options are endless in the digital world.


71% of all internet users read blogs.
Blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your website through link sharing – users will, in turn, look to your brand as an authority in your field

Email subscribers are 3x more likely to develop brand loyalty and share your content on social media.
An engaging newsletter intimately connects you with your target market by delivering informative content directly into their inbox.

Marketing Automation
Marketing automation can drive up to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and help overall profits.
Automating your messaging drastically reduces labor time and overhead with marketing campaigns as well as standard communications. It’s a win-win!

Lead Magnets

A good Lead Magnet can increase your email opt-in rate by almost 85%
Incentivizing an online user with a reason to give you their email address is a tasteful approach to modern marketing. This “give and take” approach makes the advertising relationship balanced and fair.

(SMS) Short Message Marketing
Short Message Marketing tactics see engagement rates 6-8x higher than email marketing.
SMS Marketing has a broader reach than any other form of direct marketing – it achieves target market penetration with cell phone text messaging. Even better, its impact is instant and direct.

The opportunities to differentiate your cannabis business from the next are endless. With the right team to align your values and mission with your messaging to create an impressionable brand, you will be unstoppable. Cannabrand wants to help you sell the feeling consumers get when they see or use your product, not the product itself. Selling the sizzle, rather than the steak in this industry is crucial to success.