Cannabrand is

The Leader in the Cannabis Marketing Space

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We disrupt the norm with brands, companies and campaigns that break the news. Our energy behind a brand produces inevitable prosperity. As the marketing and consulting pinnacle of the cannabis space, we are here to lead you on your journey to success in the cannabis industry.

We use over a decade of cannabis industry experience to strategically position your brand.

But we continue to lead with authority from the driver’s seat, there is no one better to help you navigate the ever-changing horizon of this business. Distinguished brands come to us to create a revolutionary impact on this industry. The landscape of this forty-two billion dollar industry is constantly shifting.

Meet The Founder

Olivia Mannix

Olivia Mannix

Olivia Mannix is an American entrepreneur and cannabis + psychedelics business mogul. She founded Cannabrand in 2013. Olivia is far more than the CEO of an award winning, groundbreaking Cannabis Industry Marketing company. She is the intuitive leader of a branding revolution. Being the pioneer behind a movement to destigmatize cannabis and psychedelics, Olivia is a thought leader and visionary in every sense. She recognized the opportunity that the cannabis and psychedelics industries would offer long before it was widely accepted. This uniquely positioned her to disrupt the expectation that cannabis brands and products should remain a fringe industry. Olivia has been recognized on Forbes, PRWeek’s Top 50 Innovators, Adweek’s Young Influentials lists and is a contributor to Adweek.