EdiPure Watermelon Tarts

Eat them all, or just few.

These yummy watermelon tarts are a great treat after a long day of work. At 10mg THC per piece (that’s 500mg per bag of 50), you can either eat a bunch or share with friends.

I personally only like to eat a few, so that I can relax alcohol-free (not a fan of hangovers). I love this product so much because it’s resealable and I can eat just one or two conveniently on my own time.

I first tried EdiPure Watermelon Tarts after I had my second knee surgery; I learned from the first time that I do not react well with painkillers – Percocet, to be precise. It made me extremely nauseous and sick and it really did not help that much to ease the pain.

Thank goodness for Edipure! The tarts were just the right balance to help me with my pain and to keep me on a faster path to recovery. I highly recommend them for anyone of legal age, for either medical use.


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