When most people think about smoking a joint, they rarely think about it being a precursor to sex. Marijuana typically makes the user relaxed, happy, and in straight-up chill mode. So why is it that others incessantly proclaim that pot is a sexually energizing aphrodisiac that makes the user lose all inhibitions, amplifies the sense of touch, and leads to a night of insanely passionate love-making?

To start, it should be noted that marijuana has been used for thousands of years in India and other cultures as an aphrodisiac (Mathre, 1997). There has yet to be a formal large-scale study performed on the marijuana-smoking community; up until now there have been sporadic studies performed involving few participants, and their experiences ranged from cannabis diminishing their desire for sex to making them super-horny. One notable study performed in 1984 found that “over two thirds experienced increased sexual pleasure and satisfaction with marijuana” (Weller, RA and JA Halikas,1984). Let’s face it, the elements are all there to fuse into one incredible night of passion: the illusion that time is going by much more slowly, the increased sense of touch, and all of those normally distracting insecurities have now gone out the window.

After researching and gaining insight into different user experiences, I’ve come to one conclusion: it is both the strain AND the individual that determines whether that joint will have an aphrodisiac-like quality. The general consensus is to stick with sativa strains, as those will keep your energy up; however others swear by certain indica strains. So, who’s going to go home tonight after A Threesome with Mary Jane, light up a joint with their Valentine, and get it on?


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