Everyone is getting worked up about some recent comments from Sean Spicer hinting that the federal government may step in and interfere with states that have legal cannabis. The gut reaction for many cannabis businesses and professionals may be to freak out and start running for the hills and gutting their businesses. This isn’t the way to go – instead take a deep breath and read over this survival guide.

  1. Keep Calm – a lot of what is going on is sensationalism.

Sure, it’s totally scary that Spicer sounded so out of touch with medical and recreational cannabis use, blowing of medical cannabis as if its only use is pain management and comparing recreational cannabis use to opiate abuse. And it is definitely a little alarming that he implied a federal crackdown could happen. But for now, it’s all just talk, and not even serious talk happening with lawmakers or Supreme Court Justices. All that really happened was Spicer made a few comments, and both anti and pro-cannabis journalists jumped on them and gave them a lot of press. Nothing has been decided, or really even threatened. And if Trump and his cabinet actually do follow through, there are a lot of legal safeguards in place for state’s rights. So before you let the media frenzy work you up too badly, remember that there is definitely nothing set in stone yet.

  1. Stick together and support each other.

The cannabis industry is incredibly competitive and cutthroat, and for good reason. There is a lot of money to be made and an incredibly high demand for quality product. But if something happens to threaten state’s rights and legalization, it hurts everyone, not just the top-of-the-line, thriving businesses. So this is a great time to stick together and look out for each other. You don’t have to share major industry trade secrets like your grow method or extraction procedure, or give up a client list, but common courtesy and observing the law can be the difference between the industry thriving or taking a fall. Make your lawyer’s contact info and the procedures you follow to be in compliance public knowledge, and try to avoid any underhanded or predatory competition practices during this tough time.

  1. Contact Your Local Legislators

Many business owners and industry professionals are worried about legalization holding its own, but not sure what to do to ensure that it does. If you are feeling helpless, as though the control of your industry is not within your reach, then try reaching out to local and national legislators to get your voice heard and make sure that cannabis and hemp stay legal. If you hear about legislation coming up, get in contact. It also doesn’t hurt to send preliminary emails and phone calls in support of your industry and the way you want to continue to make your livelihood.

  1. Join NCIA

The National Cannabis Industry Trade Association is a great way to stay up with what is going on in the industry and how to fight off encroaching legal action. Currently, the NICA is the only trade association of its kind, and can be an extremely beneficial tool for business owners and people in in the industry.

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