With the legalization of cannabis (and hemp) kicking off 2014, cannabis aficionados are discovering new and creative ways to reap the benefits of this plant. We can eat it, smoke it, vaporize it, so hey… why not juice it?!

One California physician, Dr. William L. Courtney, happens to be a strong proponent of raw cannabis and is working to shed light on the many health benefits that raw cannabis has to offer. According to Dr. Courtney, the plant in its raw form provides healthy perks that the heated version does not, and ‘when you cook or smoke cannabis you are actually walking away from 99% of the benefits cannabis provides.’ While cooked cannabis has excellent medicinal properties, raw cannabis acts as a powerful preventative medicine in which Dr. Courtney believes has the ability to combat certain chronic illnesses. Dr. Courtney’s wife, Kristen, was suffering from systemic lupus when she began juicing raw cannabis regularly and claims she saw a massive improvement within a few weeks.

The science behind it is simple; the raw form of cannabis is loaded with CBD, which is a potent nutrient compound full of antioxidants. This compound possesses anti-inflammatory properties that fight and prevent cancer as well as a myriad of other illnesses, making cannabis a true super-food. Eating raw cannabis will not get you high; THC is only produced when cannabis is heated, so juicing before work in the morning is perfectly fine. Even more interesting? Since the human body already contains a built-in endogenous cannabinoid system, complete with cannabinoid receptors, inputting CBD from marijuana can help normalize the body’s functional systems, including cell communication and proper immune function, according to Natural News.

Yep, you read that right. We are all just a bunch of human cannabinoids!

So now, assuming you would like to add a daily dose of raw cannabis to your diet to feed your inner cannabinoid, the next question you might have is how exactly one should prepare raw cannabis. Popular opinion suggests juicing it (both buds and leaves) along with fresh organic fruits to make it more palatable; and I, being a complete organic health nut, would have to concur. Of course there may be some of you brave enough to eat it in its natural state, and that’s fine too! By treating raw cannabis just like any other vegetable, incorporating it into your diet will be easy as pie.

P.S. Check out this yummy raw cannabis smoothie recipe by EMarijuanaRecipes!

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