Moms around the nation are putting on their Super Woman capes and are pushing for more lenient laws regarding giving medical marijuana to minors. These unexpected marijuana advocates have come out in full force recently, banding together to make real political change after seeing that there is an undeniable possibility that certain marijuana strains can help children that experience reoccurring seizures.

One strain in particular that has come to the nation’s attention as a possible treatment for seizures is Charlotte’s Web. Developed by Colorado’s own Stanley brothers and aptly named, this special strain drastically reduced a six year-old girl named Charlotte Figi’s epileptic seizures, KRDO reports. Little Charlotte was experiencing several hundred seizures a week and her parents, feeling helpless after having tried multiple treatments, decided to seek out medical marijuana. They were given the Stanley brothers’ strain that was specially bred to minimize the THC content and amplify the CBD; According to the Huffington Post, what resulted was a treatment that reduced Charlotte’s seizures to around 3 per week! Complete and utter awesomeness. Even more amazing? The Stanley brothers recently founded a non-profit organization called Strains of Hope, advocating the use of medical marijuana as a treatment for illness around the globe.

With most marijuana-related studies being limited to adolescent abuse, along with outdated research, physicians have been reluctant to jump on the medical marijuana bandwagon, especially when it involves children. This has led to slow political change regarding marijuana laws. However, as the national opinion changes, activists have been making their voices heard; and none have been louder than mommies, lobbying for change. To these mothers, it is unacceptable to watch children suffer when there is an alternative that is being automatically denied or impeded by politics.

As a parent to two healthy children, I could not even begin to imagine what it would be like to watch one of them suffer, and feel as though there was nothing I could do to help. The frustration of seeing a treatment in the distance that might alleviate my child’s pain, but being unable to access it, would be overwhelming. Luckily, we have some very concerned mommas out there that are fighting for our children’s rights to live a pleasant, comfortable, pain-free life. They are flying into Washington this month with their children to demand federal action that will allow kids, no matter what state they live in, to access MMJ treatments. These every-day heroes deserve an applause!

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