This is a friendly reminder to all of our friends and industry colleagues to cast your vote in the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) Board Elections.

Our CEO, Olivia Mannix, is proud to be running for NCIA’s Board of DirectorsWe invite your vote. It’s a competitive seat and every vote counts. Not to mention, you can have full confidence Olivia will be a fresh, active and dedicated Board Member. Her full statement and interview can be found below.

Equally relevant, Olivia Mannix and Cannabrand have been members of NCIA since 2014. Over this past year, we’ve been proud to be an annual sponsor of Quarterly Cannabis Caucuses across the country.

We’re excited that Olivia will be at NCIA’s Lobby Days later this month as a Group Leader.

More importantly, if you are not an NCIA member, we highly recommend you consider joining this organization that works hard to represent our industry’s interests in D.C.

Again, please cast your VOTE for Olivia Mannix and encourage others to do the same!


Message from Olivia Mannix

Olivia’s Written Candidate Statement

Name: Olivia Mannix

Company: Cannabrand

Location: Denver, Colorado

Industry Sector: Marketing, Branding, Consulting, Brokerage and Public Relations

Category: Ancillary

Member Since: June 2014

Candidate Bio: Olivia Mannix is the Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Cannabrand. Olivia Mannix is a cannabis industry pioneer and cannabis marketing and business expert. At 23 years old, she founded Cannabrand –an award-winning, full-service marketing agency and business consultancy and the first to specialize solely in the cannabis industry. Cannabrand has successfully gone through a merger and is now not only a marketing agency but a consultancy that aids cannabis companies with business operations and capital services as well as mergers and acquisitions resources. The agency has played an integral role in shaping cannabis brands since its launch in January 2014 (at the onset of the burgeoning adult-use market), and helps clients to establish their unique brand identities so that they might position themselves competitively in the marketplace.

Olivia predicted the future of the cannabis industry by creating a company that “rebrands” cannabis, bettering its image while opening up cannabis use to broader demographics through information and education. She is also an advocate for the medicinal benefits of cannabis and the adult use market.

Olivia’s passion and drive are magnetic.The Cannabrand team features top talent from big brand companies like: Osprey Packs, Merrill Lynch, Starbucks, AT&T and Disney.

Why do you want to be on the NCIA Board of Directors? 

I want to be on the board of NCIA because I think that my skills and expertise in Marketing, PR and bettering the cannabis industry as a whole are crucial for the greater good of the industry. I would like to be more involved with the cannabis industry on a political level and have skills and assets to represent the industry. As a women CEO, former collegiate athlete, consumer of cannabis, and owner of a successful company, I believe I’m a good steward and positive example of what the cannabis industry has to offer.

Where do you see the cannabis industry in 3-5 years? 

I see the industry growing and thriving, continuing to follow the meteoric trajectory, I’ve witnessed over the years. Increased investment in the space by entrepreneurs and institutional investors alike will continue to push for increased professionalism and market standardization will continue to advocate someone in office who pushes for federal legalization of cannabis.

How long and in what way have you been advancing the cannabis industry or the marijuana policy reform movement? 

Professionally, I have been advancing the cannabis industry for over 5 years. I have talked to countless reporters and people regarding cannabis and MMJ as a whole. I have defended the industry on many levels, especially when journalists ask questions regarding outdated cliches.

What other qualifications do you hold that would make you an excellent board member? 

I’m the Founder, CEO and Chairman of the board at Cannabrand. I single-handedly founded and operated the first Cannabis Marketing Agency, with a mission to better the image of the cannabis industry and have been an advocate for adult-use for a long time. I am very comfortable speaking on behalf of NCIA and supporting the organization. I am also a public relations expert and have been speaking to media for years – educating them and the population as a whole on cannabis use.

I have successfully been through a merger with Cannabrand as well as raised capital for our sister company Moji Lab.

I have been awarded top 50 PR Influencers by PRWeek and Top Brand Influencers by AdWeek.

I have also done countless speaking engagement and fundraisers for the industry. Cannabrand is also a large benefactor in sponsoring Quarterly Cannabis Caucuses around the country.


2018 NCIA Voter Guide

When you cast your ballots you will have the opportunity to vote for 11 of 19 candidates. Read more about all of the NCIA Board Candidates.


Of relative importance, if your company is not already an NCIA member, we invite you to take a closer look at joining.

Ready for more? Check out NCIA’s Facebook Live candidate forum with national cannabis industry leaders including Olivia Mannix, Michael Steinmetz, Kris Krane, Ian Stewart, Mohit Asnani, Taylor West, Ean Seeb, Ètienne Fontán, Mark Passerini & Michael Gruber about the current and future state of the industry! 



Cannabrand’s May Events

Wrapping things up, our CEO, Olivia Mannix is presenting next week at Cannabiz Expo May 12-13th in Los Angeles.

Of note, Olivia is confirmed as a Group Leader at NCIA’s 8th Annual Lobby Days May 21-23rd in Washington D.C. This important event brings over 300 cannabis industry professionals to Washington. It’s an important opportunity to tell their stories in person and make their voices heard in the halls of Congress.

Lastly, she goes on to speak at Canada’s Lift Cannabis Business Conference on May 24th in Toronto. This is Canada’s largest Cannabis conference. It should be exciting as Canada is set to go legal this July.