TikTok and ClubHouse are THE NEW Social Media Cannabis Companies Should Be Using them and Here’s Why and How!


2020 was one hell of a year, but that didn’t stop social media from growing! In 2020 Tiktok and Clubhouse were fairly new platforms that saw serious growth. Though extremely different, both apps offer important opportunities for cannabis brands. So, Cannabrand is giving you the rundown on everything you need to know about how and why to use them both.


Tiktok gained extreme popularity in early 2020, and is typically seen as a platform with a very young audience. However, of it’s 80 millions users, 80% are ages 16-34. What this means for the cannabis industry is clear – cannabis companies need to be using Tiktok! 

How to Use it: 

TikTok is a platform made for sharing video content. It allows you to easily stitch clips together, and even use audio from other TikToks. TikToks are typically fairly short, with a duration of 15 seconds to one minute. Video created outside of the app and uploaded to the platform can be longer than 60 seconds. Because most videos are 60 seconds or less – we recommend keeping videos short, sweet and to the point. This is the best way to fit in with the trending content on the app, AND to ensure that your content is not simply being scrolled past. 

What’s Not So Great: 

TikTok allows companies to create promotional content that connects directly to consumers and feels organic. The tricky part about this particular platform for the cannabis industry, is that the platform has more strict guidelines than some of its counterparts. The use of certain words and hashtags is prohibited. This includes words like weed, cannabis, stoned, etc. To get around this users often implement intentional misspellings, and use emojis to fill in the gaps.

What We Love:

The double edged sword of TikTok is that the algorithm is a bit of a mystery. Meaning, it is very difficult to know the best days or times to post. This sounds like a bad thing, but this unique algorithm is also the very factor that makes it possible for a TikTok to go unexpectedly viral; increasing the overall impression potential of each post. This is one essential factor that makes TikTok a more effective marketing tool than other social media platforms. 

The Result:

There are a number of hashtags and replacement words that cannabis companies are already using to get around some of TikTok’s more antiquated guidelines. Many cannabis brands are finding success on TikTok by creating a mixture of entertainment and education based content. TikTok has already made a name for itself by helping users to learn various life-hacks and facts that they may not have otherwise come across. This combined with TikTok’s unique and secretive algorithm, positions cannabis brands with the distinct opportunity to create educational and branded content that reaches completely new audiences. 


The foundation of Clubhouse is understanding a world where events, summits, and conferences of any kind are indefinitely cancelled, and creating a space for us to continue to make connections in our respective industries. The platform is audio-only, and at its core is a home for live conversations on any topic, hosting people from all over the world. 

How to Use It:

Clubhouse is an invite only app. Which helps give it a sense of exclusivity, and it’s name. Once you get an invite you can download the app and start your account. You will be able to select topics and even Clubhouse members that you are interested in following. This helps that app to recommend conversations for you to join. You can join an active room at any time. However, nothing on the app is recorded, so if you miss the conversation you miss it! Just like real life. 

What’s Not so Great: 

The Clubhouse platform does require an invite. Which, while we love the feeling of exclusivity that that creates, it does create limitations. This app maybe isn’t for everyone, if you’re not someone who enjoys podcasts, or radio shows,. this may not be your favorite platform for media consumption. Aside from this snag, we are pretty excited about everything that this platform has to offer. 

What We Love: 

Clubhouse has a feature that allows you to raise your hand and become a speaker in the room. This means you can ask questions and participate in the conversation with the hosts. We also love that this platform does not record anything, making each conversation truly one of a kind. Unlike Tiktok, Clubhouse is an extremely cannabis friendly app. In fact, there are always conversations on Clubhouse happening surrounding anything a person could ever want to know about the cannabis industry. You can even drop into chat rooms that serve as a virtual smoke-sesh. 

The Result: 

This app is a great platform for cannabis companies to learn from thought leaders, expose their companies to investors and parties interested in the industry. We also love this platform as a space for cannabis brands to share education, and for cannabis founders and CEOs to become thought leaders themselves. The exclusivity of the invite only platform, and the “be there or miss it” aspect of this platform make it a place for brands to position themselves in the market. It is a powerful tool for anyone in, or intending to be in the cannabis industry. 

In summary, cannabis companies should be exploring the possibilities presented by both of these new platforms. Tiktok and clubhouse have the ability to boost your brands visibility, and help educate the masses about your product and that cannabis industry. Don’t be afraid to get started. The water of TikTok and Clubhouse is warm, and ready for cannabis brands to dive in.