The cannabis industry has grossed a whopping $35 Million dollars in revenue this year alone. And even though some may say cannabis sells itself, it is actually turning into quite a competitive marketplace. Here are our top 5 reasons as to why you should hire a cannabis-centric marketing agency in 2015:

1. Dedicated to the Cannabis Industry
The cannabis-specific marketing agency has a keen understanding of this unique marketplace, versus a traditional marketing agency whose attention is divided amongst many different sectors. An agency with a cannabis focus is also highly aware of what is going on in the industry in terms of news and events, so they will be able to promote your brand on another level.

Since they, too, are a member of the cannabis industry, the marijuana-focused marketing agency cares tremendously about the well-being and image of the industry as a whole, and will portray your brand in the best light possible. They may even fund campaigns and public service announcements to destigmatize the industry and to progress laws. Simply put: They live, breathe, and market cannabis.

2. Experts of Marijuana Marketing Laws and Regulations
Cannabis marketing agencies are fluent in the latest laws and regulations of marketing, advertising, and packaging. It is important to work with an agency that stays on top of laws and regulations because they are constantly changing, especially with marijuana edible packaging. A truly dedicated cannabis marketing agency works with individuals who help influence policy makers to facilitate laws surrounding marketing cannabis. They believe that cannabis should adhere to standards and set regulations like any other industry.

3. Cost Efficient and Time Effective
Rather than hiring staff that you have to oversee and manage, you can hire an agency to communicate with a single member of your team, so that all advertising and marketing is completed in a swift and streamlined manner. The turn-around time from a top cannabis marketing agency is much faster than having a single marketing person work for your company (because of more horsepower). If you have a marketing director at your company, he or she may work directly with an outside agency to provide supplementary services including email marketing, event marketing or custom design work.

4. Liaison to Cannabis Publications and Media Buying
Your cannabis-dedicated marketing agency has built relationships to last with cannabis (and in some cases traditional) trade publications. They have the means to call their sales representatives at various publications and negotiate your media advertising buys. Your cannabis marketing agency also has all of the latest publications’ media kits and can forecast for editorial and advertising trends in the upcoming months.

5. Industry Connections
A marketing agency dedicated to the cannabis space is connected to journalists who may write about your cannabis brand, and has already made the connections and spent tons of time building lists of journalists with the types of topics that interest them. Thus, when your brand is being pitched, the proper messaging will be relayed. Your cannabis marketing agency is also highly connected in the industry and spends time networking and understanding the industry’s consumer trends.

6. Talent and the Resources
At a full-service cannabis-focused marketing agency, a team of people with diverse skillsets will assist you with market research, strategy, design, SEO, social media, and more. Instead of shopping around for different services and managing multiple contacts, you are able to choose the right services that meet your business’s needs from a one-stop-shop cannabis agency. Whether it’s a print advertisement for Culture Magazine, a re-branding overhaul, or product line expansions in new markets, the talent will ultimately help you with your marketing ROI and bottom-line investment.

Cannabrand is a full service marketing agency dedicated to the cannabis space. For more information on how Cannabrand can help your business to thrive, visit or email

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