1.  Melissa Etheridge


After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, Melissa Etheridge started using marijuana during chemo. Due to gastrointestinal effects from her cancer, she still continues to medicate using marijuana to help relieve the pain.

2.  Oliver Stone



Oliver Stone, director of films such as Wall Street and Any Given Sunday uses medical marijuana for his PTSD and injuries from his deployment in the Vietnam War. He discusses how cannabis helped him stay sane during the war.

3.  Tommy Chong


Although Tommy Chong is well known for his stoner humor from films such as, Cheech & Chong, he is using cannabis for serious medical reasons. In 2012, he beat prostate cancer with the help of hemp oils. Today Chong still medicates with marijuana as he is battling rectal cancer.

4. Morgan Freeman


Morgan Freeman has been using medical marijuana for chronic pain deriving from two issues. In 2008 he got into car crash that caused nerve damage in his hand. The 79 year old actor also suffers from fibromyalgia which this all-natural remedy helps ease.

5. Lady Gaga

lady gaga

After the pop star’s hip surgery in 2013, Lady Gaga was in chronic pain. Although she should have taken some time off, the show must go on. As a result, she started using marijuana medicinally which significantly helped with her recovery.

6. Montel Williams


TV show host, Montel Williams has been open about how medical marijuana changed his life since his 1999 diagnoses of multiple sclerosis. Recently, Williams was detained at the Frankfurt airport in Germany for flying with marijuana. He was held for less than an hour after the U.S. sent proof that he is indeed a medical marijuana patient.

7.  Whoopi Goldberg


Actress and TV show host, Whoopi Goldberg suffers from glaucoma. Goldberg is a significant celebrity member of the cannabis industry as an advocate of medical marijuana. She openly discusses her marijuana use for her pain from this disease.

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