Have a dad that loves his sticky green? Then we’ve got a few gift ideas that’ll make him light up brighter than your dab torch.


1—For Discerning Dad—Original Kavatza Roll Pouch

Smooth, brown leather with a curved wooden rolling tray, roomy pockets and a snap closure.
Father's Day Gift Guide Cannabis


2—For Dads Who Grow—Closet Grow

It’s like taking an entire grow facility and shrinking it to fit in your closet.
Father's Day Gift Guide Cannabis

3—For the Dad Who Constantly Quotes Up in Smoke—Chong’s Choice Hoodie

You could also get him a van made out of weed, but this just seems way easier.
Father's Day Gift Guide Cannabis

4—For Dads With Good Munchie Taste—Gourmet Snack Subscription

From $50/month
Give him a break from the usual—these munchies are ridiculously yummy and hard to find.
Father's Day Gift Guide Cannabis

5—For Dads Who Hack Up a Lung Every Time They Smoke—Pax 2

Pax still might make him cough, but at least it’s from clean vapor, not toxic smoke.
Father's Day Gift Guide Cannabis

6—For Stealth Dads—Blaze Card

It’s a credit card that hides his stash. If you’re lucky, he might even lend it to you for a night out.
Father's Day Gift Guide Cannabis

7—For Dads Who Can Hang on Father’s Day—My 420 Tours Budz and Suds Grow and Dispensary Tour

You sip and smoke with dad? Good for you! You may do so proudly, on Father’s Day, on a tour of Denver’s best breweries and grow facilities.
Father's Day Gift Guide Cannabis

8—For Dads in the Kitchen—Herb, Cooking with Cannabis Cookbook

From $10
The recipes are delicious and easy to follow after numerous bong hits, especially the turkey meatballs. Best presented on Father’s Day, with a meal you’ve already prepared from one of the recipes.

9—For Handy Dad—Lighter Bro Pro

It’s got a philips head screwdriver, measurement tools, a scissors and a poker for easy bowl cleaning. All its missing is the pipe!
Father's Day Gift Guide Cannabis

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