The cannabis industry has already made significant strides in 2018. In just a few short weeks since the year started, California went recreational. Vermont’s legislature wrote legalization into law. Virginia approved medical marijuana. But what does this “good news” actually mean for your cannabis business in dollars and sense? Building brand equity matters, and we have some great opportunities for clients with digital advertising.

Cannabis continues to become more mainstream, despite some push-back from Washington. Companies are finding that they need to be smarter about gaining and keeping market share. They need real go-to-market strategies for new markets. As a cannabis marketing pioneer and industry leader, Cannabrand understands this need. Our team knows the true power of a branding, visibility, and engagement. We engage in all aspects of digital and social marketing on behalf of our partners. Our task is to deliver professional creative output that leverages technological innovation.

Digital Advertising

One marketing tool that can move the needle for companies is digital advertising. We fully understand that cannabis companies have to work around numerous restrictions. There is often unfair treatment on social media with accounts shut down or shadowbanned. Our team at Cannabrand is adept at working with and around these rules. We are committed to marketing cannabis brands and products online, both regionally and nationally.

One of our most popular services hitting its stride is our digital marketing packages. In addition, when used as part of a larger creative marketing campaign, the possibilities are endless. Anyone who uses the internet has been on the receiving end of these marketing tactics. Statistically speaking prove to be enormously effective. This type of advertising is highly targeted. It is based on the abundance of available online data about potential customers. It uses information about the websites you’ve visited, the products you’ve browsed, what you’ve bought, and where you live. On certain platforms, it can even target based on age, level of education, income, and interests.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Remarketing and More

There are several options available when it comes to digitally marketing your cannabis products and services. They can be activated individually or used in tandem. These include Google Adwords and Yahoo/Bing advertising in the form of text or image ads. The ads are then triggered by search keywords or affinity. They are regionally targeted or deployed specifically to those who have previously visited of your website. There are also cool high-techy ways to engage with customers who are visiting your competitor online and at their retail locations.

Digital advertising services can also be utilized on social media channels. Cannabis brands are aware there are limitations. We are savvy about positioning the nature of the business, the keywords, and images and ad copy to get through common barriers. The typical flags are selling what social media platforms deem illegal drugs and tobacco products. Fortunately, advocacy and education are allowed, but often there is some work to be done to go through an appeals process. Our long-time certified experts have the experience and focused attention to do this right.

Marketing Matrix

Digital advertising can readily tie-in with other marketing activities.  Some of our services that pair well with these digital advertising packages include:

Furthermore, some research shows that re-targeting can improve click-through rates as much as 400%. These services deliver extraordinary ROI. Not to mention, response rates for these services are generally high as targeted individuals are likely customers.  We see enormous possibilities for our partners with digital ads. Yet, all of this takes time, effort and expertise which we can provide. Our team at Cannabrand brings a high level of experience and dedication to our partners. We have an ongoing commitment to make the most of what is possible for cannabis brands in the digital space. In conclusion, if you want digital dominance, then digital advertising may be the right choice for you.

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