Multi-faceted Marijuana

Imagine strolling down the block, meeting up with friends and chatting over a scrumptious, organic edible in a quaint coffee shop. Or how about indulging in a freshly rolled joint after a day of treacherous mountain-biking. Heading out to an upscale venue, and looking to enjoy a delectable edible with your glass of champagne? It’s coming, and it’s coming fast! Leading the country in a holistic lifestyle, Coloradans know the definition of a well-balanced life. We work hard, we enjoy all of the wide range of outdoor activities that this great state has to offer, and Denver’s night life isn’t half bad either.

So who says cannabis can’t be chic and high-end, as well as holistic? As a state that has long promoted nature’s effective and beautiful simplicity, we need to broaden our vision of this incredibly versatile plant. It soothes those in pain, and relaxes weary minds like a glass of wine after a long day of work. Recreationally, it provides an alternative to alcohol without the dreaded morning hangover.

No matter what walk of life you have come from, marijuana can relax the mind and body while providing a positive and engaging social experience. There is no reason that outdated stigmas and stereotypes surrounding this plant should prevail and discourage prospective users. Let’s work together to break down (or should I say, vaporize?) these barriers and create an environment in which everyone feels comfortable to partake in. After all, what good is having an abundance of diverse marijuana strains with a limited and uniform clientele? It’s a new year – let’s bring a contemporary image to cannabis!

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