It’s an exciting time to be in CBD. The general public is becoming ever more aware of the myriad of benefits it provides. However, they are still coming to understand the differences. In order to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace, it becomes essential for brands to distinguish themselves. The ultimate success marker will be companies who know how to help consumers feel connected to their brand. When a customer resonates with a brand and its value, it will always drive sales, regardless of where your product is being sold.

There will be no shortage of CBD lotions, pills, oils and tonics for people and animals alike, all promoted with health and wellness in mind. Getting your product for sale online is a good start. Getting into brick-and-mortar stores can be even better. Having your buyers deeply connected to your brand is what is going to matter the most.

When it comes to products that go into the body and on the body, the price is not always going to be the selling point. Quality, integrity, and values will have a place. Therefore, building the relationship early and with consistent quality and engagement, will have infinite value to the longevity of your business.


It is important to educate consumers and be there to answer their questions. It helps to share both the science and the anecdotal evidence of the benefits of both CBD and your brand. The winners will be the ones who know how to consistently tell compelling stories around their products and customer base.


This is where Cannabrand comes in. We know how to make brands stand out from the noise with strategy and creative. We help our partners tell their unique story and marry that to the digital marketing solutions that attract and retain customers. Using multiple channels to capture and communicate with leads can help your CBD brand connect.  


Is your company adept at conversational commerce? Let’s take a look at several of the ways to make it work for you.


Contact Relationship Management

CRM – It starts with contact management. You want to have the right system to manage your customers and your communications with them. There is an art to marketing automation. We can help with identifying your best options.


Email Communication

Newsletters – Opt-in subscribers welcome thoughtful communications from your brand. They like to be kept aware of opportunities, incentives, and testimonials.   

Instagram Famous

Social Media – This is foundational for building community and telling your story through photos, video and engaging copy. Social media can be both organic or have enhanced reach with paid advertisements.


Tradeshows, Webinars and Podcasts

Events – Both live and virtual events are a great way to activate thought leadership, share scientific research, give personal testimonials, and build community. It’s an effective way to get your brand out into the world and build an emotional connection to it.


Loyalty Rewards  

VIP – Giving your customers the opportunity to be part of loyalty programs can really pay off. You make them feel important. Give them exclusive offers and discounts for re-ordering or sharing your brand and products with others.  
Website – Create a vibrant portal that captures your brand image, tells your story, and invites engagement.


Text Message Marketing

SMS – Your best customers could be the ones who invite text communication. You can make it really easy for them to re-order with easy reminders by SMS.   


Public Relations

Media – You can add another level of credibility and exposure to your brand story through media outlets like print, television, online video, online articles, and podcasts. It takes professional PR savvy to find the angle and pitch journalists. This additional touchpoint adds new prospects into your funnel.  


Those who have direct access to those they sell to have the greatest potential to succeed in this very competitive space. Each company is going to have its own specific formulation of communications and voice. Connecting directly with consumers will make your CBD products even more compelling. Cannabrand can help you get there!

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