4 Ways Pro Cannabis Branding Improves Your Business

Think that cannabis branding is unnecessary? Think again. Despite stereotypes, not all cannabis users are the same and the newfound marketplace is noisy. Standing out and having a strong brand identity can be the difference between success and failure. Professional branding and design can mean the difference between the public’s instant recognition of your company or widespread […]

Cannabrand Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the holidays, and we’re spreading cheer by helping you find the perfect cannabis gifts for your loved ones! From Inhale Mercantile to AnnBis, Cannabrand has your 2015 holiday gifts! Artisan Glass Stash Jar: The winter months can be especially brutal and dry, a lethal combination for cannabis buds. Keep your cannabis fresh in this […]

4 Ways Professional Branding Improves Canna-Businesses

Everyone knows branding is a necessity when running your own business. Because it’s more than just a logo. Professional branding and design can mean the difference between the public’s instant recognition of your company or widespread disregard by your target audience. What are branding strategies for busy entrepreneurs who have so much on their plates […]

Spotlight on the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo

Cannabrand is passionate about defining exactly what it means to be a cannabis user. This was apparent at the first Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo last month in New York City as co-founders Jennifer DeFalco and Olivia Mannix took the stage. From June 17-19, The Javits Center hosted the inaugural CWCBE, which promised to […]

Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Cannabis Marketing Agency for your Business in 2015

The cannabis industry has grossed a whopping $35 Million dollars in revenue this year alone. And even though some may say cannabis sells itself, it is actually turning into quite a competitive marketplace. Here are our top 5 reasons as to why you should hire a cannabis-centric marketing agency in 2015: 1. Dedicated to the […]

An open-letter to the pothead mother in Boulder

On my custom organic latex sofa in the upscale Colorado suburbia that is Highlands Ranch, I sit down after a long day of being at home alone with my two children and smoke my vape pen. My days are full of complete and utter chaos, and no, I am not exaggerating. My energetic two year […]

Dad’s Pipe Dream

As the familiar aroma of neighborhood barbeques begins to fill the air, one thing is certain–Summer has just about begun! Family time spent outdoors, warm weather…hm, wasn’t there something else? Oh yes! Father’s Day on the 15th is quickly approaching! Still need to do some last minute shopping for that special man? Check out these […]

Why Florida Needs to Pass the Medical Marijuana Bill

Florida’s pristine beaches, eclectic nightlife and balmy weather make it an ideal place to reside in (or in my case, escape to). Upon returning from my vacation to this unique state, it got me thinking: Where exactly could medical marijuana fit in, and why might it be so beneficial, particularly to this state? Florida is […]

How Cannabis Treated a Family Member’s Psoriasis

I had an awful week. When I say awful, I mean in and out of doctors’ offices and the ER, odd people showing up at my door, and getting very little sleep. My husband had to go to the East Coast for a few weeks, and about a week after he left, everything went to […]

Cannabis and Yoga

For centuries, cannabis has been closely associated with spirituality and wellness across the globe. This herb was even mentioned in the ancient Vedic texts of India, indicating that it was being used by Rishis and Yogis at that time to gain deepened perceptions. It has traditionally been praised for its healing and relaxation properties, as […]

Juicing Cannabis: The Next Big Craze?

With the legalization of cannabis (and hemp) kicking off 2014, cannabis aficionados are discovering new and creative ways to reap the benefits of this plant. We can eat it, smoke it, vaporize it, so hey… why not juice it?! One California physician, Dr. William L. Courtney, happens to be a strong proponent of raw cannabis […]

The Skinny on Cannabis Consumption

Did you know that marijuana has weight loss properties? For many people, losing weight can be an uphill battle. So, how can weed help? The psychological implications that cause weight gain and obesity can be relieved from using cannabis in your diet. Yes, it can have the adverse effect if a person that consumes marijuana […]

Great News for Veterans and Their Families!

The federal government has agreed to allow a University of Arizona researcher, Suzanne A. Sisley, to study medical marijuana as a possible treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. As the spouse of a veteran, I know just how much of a struggle and incredibly debilitating PTSD can be, not only for those suffering from it, but […]

Moms Pushing for Children’s Access to MMJ

Moms around the nation are putting on their Super Woman capes and are pushing for more lenient laws regarding giving medical marijuana to minors. These unexpected marijuana advocates have come out in full force recently, banding together to make real political change after seeing that there is an undeniable possibility that certain marijuana strains can […]

Mountain Medicine Peanut Butter Cups

Mountain Medicine at first is appealing because of the packaging, I think it has to do with the fact that they were chocolatiers before they got into the mmj business. They have very potent treats that should be taken seriously, everything they make is really tasty, so it’s easy to scarf their little servings of […]

Fifty Shades of Green

When most people think about smoking a joint, they rarely think about it being a precursor to sex. Marijuana typically makes the user relaxed, happy, and in straight-up chill mode. So why is it that others incessantly proclaim that pot is a sexually energizing aphrodisiac that makes the user lose all inhibitions, amplifies the sense […]

Big News for a Budding Hemp Industry

It is expected that President Obama will soon sign into law a provision in the Farm Bill that will prevent federal authorities from targeting those growing industrial hemp in states that have legalized hemp cultivation. The states that have legalized hemp production are Oregon, California, Kentucky, Vermont, Montana, West Virginia, North Dakota, Maine, and of […]

A Weekend of Canna Events

We kicked off the weekend at Space Gallery in Denver for the first of its kind Edible Event, hosted by Jane West of Edible Events Co. A large array of fine food, drinks, and dessert were served throughout the gallery as guests mingled and sipped cocktails amongst eclectic art and time-lapsed projections of Denver, New […]

EdiPure Watermelon Tarts

EdiPure Watermelon Tarts Eat them all, or just few. These yummy watermelon tarts are a great treat after a long day of work. At 10mg THC per piece (that’s 500mg per bag of 50), you can either eat a bunch or share with friends. I personally only like to eat a few, so that I […]

Multi-faceted Marijuana

Multi-faceted Marijuana Imagine strolling down the block, meeting up with friends and chatting over a scrumptious, organic edible in a quaint coffee shop. Or how about indulging in a freshly rolled joint after a day of treacherous mountain-biking. Heading out to an upscale venue, and looking to enjoy a delectable edible with your glass of […]

Why the GOP is trying to Prevent Federal Cannabis Legalization

Recent polling by the Pew Research Center concludes that 67% of Americans support cannabis legalization. That is over two thirds of the general public in favor of doing so. However, with so much support why hasn’t federal legalization taken place? According to the same survey, Democrats support legalization by a 78% majority. On the other […]

The Success of CBD Sales; Consumers Buy Direct

It’s an exciting time to be in CBD. The general public is becoming ever more aware of the myriad of benefits it provides. However, they are still coming to understand the differences. In order to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace, it becomes essential for brands to distinguish themselves. The ultimate success marker will […]

Digital Dominance for Your Cannabis Brand

The cannabis industry has already made significant strides in 2018. In just a few short weeks since the year started, California went recreational. Vermont’s legislature wrote legalization into law. Virginia approved medical marijuana. But what does this “good news” actually mean for your cannabis business in dollars and sense? Building brand equity matters, and we […]